Spanish Classes


La Unión offers a diverse range of programs with a system of one teacher – one student in order to maximize what is learned by each student. We focus on intensive and individualized Spanish instruction for students that is personalized according to their needs and desires.


Do you need to learn Spanish for your profession? At La Unión Spanish School, we have special programs and material designed to provide participants with the Spanish skills and vocabulary to carry out daily interactions in their respective fields. We offer special courses for professions such as : medical personnel, missionaries, journalists, flight attendants, lawyers and more!


Want to travel with your family?  We offer special services for children from 3 years and older with specialized teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience. favor the concept « learn while doing » so our classes are interactive and dynamic with lots of conversation and games.


La Unión is an educative center specialized in offering a preparation service so that the students can receive credits from their university. We adapt our programs according to the requirements of interested universities. We have already trained hundreds of students from universities of United States and Canada to study spanish with native teachers from Guatemala.

As an educational institution with high academic standards, La Unión Spanish School is registered as an official Guatemalan entity for its validity by INGUAT (The Guatemalan Tourist Comission), CAMTUR (Cámara de Turismo de Guatemala/Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala), by MINEDUC (Ministry of Education of Guatemala) and accredited by Universidad Rural de Guatemala (The Rural University of Guatemala). It is affiliated with several universities in the United States, Canada and England, sustaining stable agreements to validate the credits that students receive for studying Spanish in our school. To obtain credits, we offer several options such as semester or intensive week programs, according to the university’s regulations.

Minimum to get 2 credits:

3 weeks of 30 hours weekly (one week extra for every extra credit)


Inscription fee to get credits:

$125.00 (it includes the transcripts, given in a closed envelope to the faculty or student) or special fee if La Union needs to ship the credits to the office of a foreign country.


Our affiliated universities include:

University of Cincinnati

University of Michigan

Sacramento State University

East Carolina University (for nursing students)

Duke University

Harvard University

Université de Montréal

Université de Sherbrooke

University of Elon

Cheney University of Pennsylvania

Jamestown Community College


Please contact us at for more information on our university credits program.

Teachers design special programs based on the level and interests of each student; no matter your age and level, we have techniques and systems that can help you learn quickly.


  • Private Spanish teacher
  • Study material (notebook, pen, written exercises)
  • Weekly tests and planning to follow your progress
  • Special system of error correction
  • Good combination of grammar, conversation

  • Exercises and activities
  • Customized textbooks in spanish
  • Free water, tea and 100% Guatemalan coffee
  • Free wifi
  • University credits (according to your institution’s regulations)

  • A diploma and certificate of study at the end
  • Exclusive discounts in restaurants, gyms, bars etc
  • Special price at the laundry
  • Cultural activities
  • A free walking tour of Antigua


ONE TO ONE Morning
1 hour weekly $12
10 hours weekly $115
20 hours weekly $175
25 hours weekly $195
30 hours weekly $205
35 hours weekly $220
ONE TO ONE Afternoon
1 hour weekly $10
10 hours weekly $95
20 hours weekly $160
25 hours weekly $180


Our textbooks Español en Latinoamérica (recommended) are used by our teachers to teach Spanish, and allow for continuity at home with what you are learning in class. Español en Latinoamérica 2 and 3 are sequels and teach advanced grammar topics.

The books are interactive, with fill-in-the-blank practice sections to accompany each topic.

¿Qué Onda Vos?/ What’s Up Dude?

Written in English and Spanish is a book written with a touch of humor that teaches popular Guatemalan street talk such as slang, vulgarities and useful expressions.

¿Qué Onda Vos?/ Ça va?

Out of popular demand, a French and Spanish version ¿Qué Onda Vos? / Ça va? was written to allow continued learning among the French speaking community.

Our Spanish books are available for purchase in La Union Spanish School.

1 book $15
2 books $25
3 books $30
4 books $40