Using Chatbots for Language Education and Practice

Using Chatbots for Language Education and Practice

Did you know that chatbots can be incredibly useful learning tools? In fact, the way in which artificial intelligence is evolving is also affecting education and learning.

First of all, chatbots are technologies based on artificial intelligence , which can perform tasks on their own without human intervention. These tasks are usually the search for information, resolution of problems and answers to questions.

In the last few years, a lot of tools and platforms have been developed to build, train and deploy chatbots across most popular communication channels. You can find Frameworks, ChatBot Platforms and ChatBot API to build and deploy your own.

On the other hand, education has changed a lot in the last 30 years, so the teaching methods of the 1980s are considered obsolete. Therefore, the education of the new millennium is exploring new horizons, especially related to new technologies.

A new method of education proposes to leave the scheme of printed books and find new teaching methods in the use of technology that both attracts younger people.

In this context, countries like the United States are trying to integrate chatbots in Education. This not only represents a novel way of educating, but also brings many benefits.

Applications in Language Learning

For decades we know that in the same classroom, each student has particular learning needs and interests. Therefore, each one can use the help of a specialized tutor. Unfortunately, this type of service is not available even in the most expensive universities in the world.

What is the most practical and cost-effective alternative to solve this problem? Chatbots.

Language learning apps and language learning chatbots can now help students practice their language skills and provide the language immersion they need from the comfort of their couch, or train seat.

Chatbots can even help students get the practice they need without a real human language exchange partner.

Benefits of Chatbots in Education

Artificial intelligence can do a lot of good for modern education. We have already seen how chatbots can help many educational processes, but what else can they do?

Chatbots are adapted to the needs of each student. Thus, they adjust to the pace of learning that each person has.

These new technologies reinforce learning through the repetition of information. You can ask and you will automatically get an answer that when repeated the necessary times you can memorize.

They also have the benefit of tracking the progress that remind the student of the lessons learned that can be forgotten over time.

A bot can be trained to interview a student. In addition, you can listen and save your answers, opinions and comments.

In the future, educational chatbots may be in charge of correcting essays. They are one of the most difficult jobs to evaluate objectively, so it is a great help for teachers.

Chatbots, through their evaluation algorithms, can show students if their texts are easy to read. So they will teach the students how to write.

The inclusion of chatbots in education is a huge step in the integration of new technologies to education. We hope that from now on, education can keep pace with the rapid changes in communication and entertainment.

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