La Union Travel Center

travel-agencyWe offer exciting and interactive tours that broaden our customers’ cultural experience and knowledge of Guatemala. Our team is built of 4 young Guatemalan and Canadian passionate for travel and Guatemala. We have been working in this field for over 10 years in Spanish school, travel agencies and with others Guatemalan institution. Recently we have decided to join our efforts to open La Unión Travel Center.

We are specialist in social, cultural and adventure tourism. We offer customized tours and transportation for language school students, individual travelers and groups. We believe in the importance of cultural exchanges and responsible tourism for conscious travelers.

We want our customers to gain a greater understanding of Guatemala’s cultural, social and ecological background and to experience it first hand. Our tours focus on three themes: culture, social projects and eco-tourism.

We want our travelers to immerse themselves in the culture and diversity of Guatemala. We offer a wide range of tours, safe travel, guides and accommodation. As a flexible travel agency, we also provide customized tours to discover Guatemala, do volunteer work, study Spanish, etc. And all this according to your tastes, interests and budget.


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Position as one of the most prestigious travel agencies nationally and internationally, offering the best quality of service, and thus characterized as an organization committed to quality, cutting edge technology with the lowest costs.


Spread our philosophy and leadership as the leader in the tourism market throughout the country and the world. Through a management model aimed at the ongoing creation of value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and for the country.

Leader Ship

Practice leadership based on trust, we recognize the value of each person and what it can generate, encourage participation, exchange of ideas and points of view. Our leaders encourage a work environment in which the dignity of the people, the joy of work and emotions are taken into account.


We are committed to doing things right from the beginning, to be honest and transparent with our customers in managing our operations. Being proactive and acting DYNAMISM flexible, anticipate and adapt to changes, encourage and support teamwork, we approach the work and challenges as synergistic units based on a shared vision, inspired by the motto “In union there is strength “.


The balance between wise decisions and daring innovation are our true strength.



La Unión Travel Center in Antigua Guatemala

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