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We offer several exciting, fun, cultural activities throughout Guatemala. Presentations Mayan wedding, how to make tortillas? bicycle tours, coffee plantation tour and more!!

  • Tour of Macadamia Plantation: Come and experience an activity full of nature and lots of Macadamia nuts, during which you will learn the procedure and preparation of the nuts for chocolates, oil, and skin care products. In the end you even get to sample the chocolates and have a complimentary massage with the oils!
  • Visit San Andrés Itzapa: In this cultural activity, experience the faith and devotion to a Mayan god, who in exchange for cigarettes and alcohol grants the strangest wishes of the faithful. The visit also includes a walk through the town and learning about its history.
  • Visit the Museum “La Azotea”: Come and see three distinct museums during this visit: one of Mayan music, where you experience the sounds the Mayans used for their ceremonies; the second of the coffee process and its exportation from Guatemala; and finally a small Jade factory where you can make purchases. In each tour, there are explanations available in both Spanish and English.
  • Tour of Towns via Chicken Bus: This tour takes place around the towns close to Antigua to get to know the history, customs, traditions, and culture of each location.
  • A Mayan Afternoon in Santiago Zamora: An afternoon of Mayan culture awaits you in this activity. Admire the beautiful colors reflected in the elaborately weaved typical constumes and experience a Mayan folk dance composed of indigenous women. By the end, you will know the traditions behind Mayan weddings and get to taste a delicious bowl of Pepián, a traditional Mayan dish.
  • How to Make Tortillas: A cultural experience unique to Guatemala, learn the history of the colors and processing of Corn for making tortillas; learn how to “tortear” (make tortillas), and then enjoy them with guacamole and refried beans.
  • Visit the Giant Kites in Sumpango, Sacatepéquez: This event takes place on November 1 of each year in the cemetery of Sumpango, to celebrate All Saints Day. The festival includes lots of traditional street foods and the presentation of giant kites that reach the size of about 60 meters (approximately 200 feet). The kites are elaborately adorned in a variety of colors and take part in competitions for design and how well they fly.
  • How to Make Kites: This cultural activity takes place in La Unión, in order to learn the history and significance of a kite (they were traditionally created to carry messages to loved ones in the afterlife), how to create the frame and decorate each kite with crêpe paper.
  • How to Make a Sawdust Carpet: This cultural activity takes place during Holy Week with all students and teachers who wish to participate. Together, the community lays down carpeting made out of colored sawdust in the street and spends time getting to know each other (in Spanish!).
  • Posadita en La Unión: In this cultural activity, we share with you an experience of traditions in Guatemala that take place in the month of December. You can taste the distinct typical foods of the season, such as fruit punch, tamales, and chuchitos. Last but not least, experience the traditional music of the season composed of the tambo, turtle shell, and maracas.
  • The Carrying of the Torch: This event takes place during September, the month of Guatemalan independence. Each year this sports activity is an opportunity for students and teachers to take part in a race from a nearby town or tourist site to Antigua. The runners are supported by the communities along the route by providing water to drink, children sprinkle water to refresh the runners, and light the path. It is an opportunity to know different places and of course practice Spanish during the activity.
  • Exposition of Typical Guatemalan Foods: During this presentation that takes place at La Unión, many traditional Guatemalan foods can be seen, especially those most common during important festivals and events. Participants of course are able to taste the foods they wish to, and can learn the history and preparation of each.
  • Folk Dances in Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepéquez: This multicultural activity is a town fair takes place to celebrate Ciudad Vieja´s patron saint, the Virgin of Conception. The first capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala, the town is converted into a fabulous stage of traditions and customs during the month of December. Approximately 35 folk dances, each with its own music, history, costumes and masks, and all of which celebrate in honor of the patron.
  • How to Dye Sawdust: This cultural activity takes place in the school with all students and teachers who wish to participate and share in the experience of dying sawdust. In the end you´re left with a souvenir of dyed hands!
  • Tour of a Beer Factory (in Guatemala City): Learn about the history of the largest beer factory in Central America. Renowned on an international level, the “Castillo Córdova” factory is the most important company for Guatemala, leading in employment and humanitarian aid. At the end of the tour, you can taste the beer of your choice!
  • Tour of Volcano Pacaya: Come and take part in an experience of adventure and beauty on the path up Volcano Pacaya! Enjoy un unique view of the three majestic volcanoes that surround Antigua as you hike through volcanic rock and ash. The tour includes transport and the park entrance fee, and you can choose upon entrance to rent a horse to ride up the volcano if you wish.
  • Bicycle Tour Around Antigua: Come and take part in an experience that combines sport and history. During the ride, hear an explanation of the history and traditions of each town and village you visit.
  • Bicycle Tour of Coffee Plantation: Live the experience of agriculture and exercise, while you visit of the largest farms in the central region of Guatemala. Learn about the procedure of planting and harvesting coffee for its preparation and exportation, see the ovens and how the coffee is dried and roasted. Top of the tour with a cup of coffee and the opportunity to buy coffee by the pound.
  • Tour to the Hill of the Cross: Leave from La Unión and walk to the cross, about an 20 minute walk at a normal pace. Admire the beauty of Antigua and its surroundings from this perfect spot, surrounded by tranquility and natural beauty. It is ideal for talking, taking photos, and exercising in the fresh air.
  • “La Unión vs. Students” Soccer: As we say in Guatemala, “Vamos a echar una chamusca!” Go to Ciudad Vieja and take part in a friendly match between students and teachers who wish to participate. Goooooo!!!!!!
  • Salsa and Merengue Classes: Learn how to dance Salsa and Merengue with professional dance instructors. This activity includes the explanation and practice of the basic steps, as well as instructions on paper for male and female parts of each dance.
  • Political Forum: Have a small meeting with all students who wish to participate, sharing with each other the political differences, government strategies, and different laws that define the country of origin of each participant. The conversation, questions, and comments should all be in Spanish!
  • “El Norte” Film: Watch a film in the La Unión “sala.” The movie tells the story of a Guatemalan brother and sister who travel to the United States to escape the armed conflict taking place in Guatemala and find a better for themselves. In Spanish, with optional English subtitles.
  • Tour of the Jade Factory: At one of the factories located in Antigua, learn about the history of jade and tour the entire facility. Learn about the value and beauty of this stone, which the ancient Mayans citizens used during their time as jewelry. At the end of the tour there is the opportunity to purchase arcticles of jade for those who wish.
  • Tour of Antigua: This activity tours the cobblestone streets of Antigua to the main monuments and ruins of the colonial city. Learn about the city´s history in Spanish, with opportunities for translation.
  • Weekend Trip to Copán Honduras, Quirigua, Rio Dulce: Enjoy your weekend surrounded by culture and natural beauty, admire learn about the archeological Mayan city of Copán in Honduras. On the way back to Guatemala, visit the majestic and famous city of Quirigua in Izabal, admiring the estelas surrounded by extensive flora and fauna. Also learn about the Guatemalan Garífuna culture in Rio Dulce, seeing their lifestyle and traditions.
  • Weekend Trip to Cobán, Semuc Champey, and the Lanquín Caves: Enjoy a weekend full of adventura and beauty, surrounded by flora and fauna in Semuc Champey. Visit the home of the Quetzal, the endangered national bird of Guatemala, and explore dark caves by candlelight in Lanquín.