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Buy vSwitches and Sockets JUNG

The electrical conduits and tubes we have in our store present high quality, with high resistance. With a dielectric stiffness of 2kv (at 50 Hz), They do not spread the fire, made of PVC material.

Free-halogen conduits should be used in public places, to ensure people safety in case of fire should be used in public premises. Made of excellent materials and exhaustive tests that…


In addition to our comfortable system of online sales, customers can be advised by telephone by an authorised electrical installer which will guide and recommend a solution that fits your needs. We can also help you with any question you may have when making your order.  To do this, there is a telephone number at your disposal, thinking of you and always trying to help you to save money. You can use this telephone number so that you could be answered all your questions regarding our products or the free process of purchase.  The personalised service and careful attention to our customers, are the basis on which we build our daily work.

The wide range of products we offer you, the different payment methods with maximum guarantee and security, as well as our efficient delivery system, make us to be leaders in our sector with an extraordinary appraisal by our customers.

We hope the extensive selection of products we offer in these pages is to your liking and meet all the needs you may have.

Currently, in full expansion of electronic commerce worldwide, stands out in the online stores outlook by its wide range of products at highly competitive prices, with a system of flexible purchase and insurance which makes the less expert users in the use of new technology, to carry out their orders without the least difficulty and with an intuitive, accurate and comfortable design, making the visit to our store to become a pleasant experience.

In addition to offering quality services and products, keep in mind that we will assist you with the best kindness and experience that characterizes us, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by any digital means provided. Our experience is based on years of electronic work and our proven ability to solve any problem you have in your home or office.  We have a diversity of high quality products, of all sizes, sizes and thicknesses, we offer electrical solutions in your home, in your kitchen or simply in any place that requires it.

Electrical Protection Equipment
Whether for use in home-room or in commercial or industrial use, there are different devices to provide electrical protection to the equipment that is connected to the power line (or current).
The appropriate or adequate depend on the type of disturbance or problem that they present as well as the energy they require to function properly.

Voltage regulator
It is an electrical equipment that allows us to receive wide voltage variations -generally with a regulation window of +/- 15% of the nominal operating voltage- and its function is to control them and to submit them so that at the exit they deliver a level ” acceptable “regulation for the operation of the loads of the equipment connected to it.
Likewise, its function is limited to regular, so its main disadvantage lies in NOT offering additional protection such as line filtering, electric peak suppression, among others.


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