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PAYMENTS: Payments must be made prior to the start of classes via online payment or bank transfer.

WEBSITE: Our website is protected with security policies for online sales. Client online payments are private, safe, and ethical. Personal information is not provided to any outside sources.

REEMBURSEMENTS: We understand that plans change and that at any moment it may be necessary to cancel or modify reservations. To request a refund, it will be necessary to contact us at info@launion.edu.gt a week ahead of time and total cancelations will be charge a $35 penalty fee for administrative and preparation costs. In the event that a cancelation is made once classes have already begun, it is necessary to notify us at the same address in order to receive a partial refund of the remaining classes. Missed classes may only be made up in the event of emergencies, cancelations with at least 24 hours anticipation, or technical problems.

TEACHERS: We assigns instructors who can adapt to the individual needs and requirements of the client. If the client is not satisfied, it is possible to change instructors at any time.

MATERIAL: We provide online materials to the client to assist in the learning process.

TIME: It is necessary for the client to adapt their schedule to the Guatemalan time zone (-6 GMT) and we are not responsible for missed classes if the client forgets to attend at the established time. The instructor is required to wait 15 minutes after the scheduled time, after which the class will be considered missed. Refunds and reschuduling of missed classes cannot be made.

CONNECTION: If the client fails to connect or connects late, he/she will lose this class time. If the connection is interrupted during class, the time to make it up must not exceed 15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes have passed, with the exception of slow speed or failing of the internet connection, we will not make up the lost time. If the instructor fails to connect for reasons such as power outages or other inconveniences, the client has the right to reschedule the class for the day and hour most convenient.