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System One to One

La Unión offers a diverse range of programs with a system of one teacher to one student in order to maximize what is learned by each student. We focus on intensive and individualized Spanish instruction for students that is personalized according to their needs and desires. Teachers design special programs based on the level and interests of each student; no matter your age, we have techniques and systems that can help you learn quickly.

Prices during the morning

Prices during the morning   
Spanish ClassesUS DollarsQuetzalesEuros
1 Hr. any time$ 12.00969
10 Hrs. Program (2 hrs. daily)$ 115.00Q. 920.0089
20 Hrs. Program (4 hrs. daily)$ 175.00Q. 1,400.00135
25 Hrs. Program (5 hrs. daily)$ 195.00Q. 1,560.00151
30 Hrs. Program (6 hrs. daily)$ 205.00Q. 1,640.00158
35 Hrs. Program (7 hrs. daily)$ 220.00Q. 1,760.00170

Prices during the afternoon

Prices during the afternoon   
Spanish ClassesUS DollarsQuetzalesEuros
Night$ 12.00Q. 96.009
1 Hr. any time$ 10.00Q. 80.007.7
10 Hrs. Program (2 hrs. daily)$ 95.00Q. 760.0073
20 Hrs. Program (4 hrs. daily)$ 160.00Q. 1,280.00123
25 Hrs. Program (5 hrs. daily)$ 180.00Q. 1,440.00138.5
30 Hrs. Program (6 hrs. daily)$ 190.00Q. 1,520.00146
35 Hrs. Program (7 hrs. daily)$ 205.00Q. 1,640.00158

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