Do you need to learn Spanish for professional activities or professional career?

The growing importance of the Spanish language is increasing the demand for professionals from different sectors to learn Spanish in order to remain competitive in their field.

At La Unión Spanish School, we have special programs and material designed to provide participants with the Spanish skills and vocabulary to carry out daily interactions in their respective fields.

The programs we offer are:

  • Spanish for flight Attendants
  • Spanish for construction Workers
  • Spanish for missionaries
  • Spanish for lawyers
  • Spanish for social workers,
  • Spanish for international business
  • Spanish for education
  • Spanish for medical professionals
  • And more!

Individual programs are offered 20 to 30 hours a week. Here at La Union Spanish School we believe that in order to learn Spanish, a teaching method that bases its whole concept on speech communication is necessary. With exercises such as pair and group tasks, language games, role-playing, discussions and interviews, you will soon find yourself using the language and noticing definite improvements in your skills and ability.


Intensive program – one teacher, one student

Language sessions are customized for each individual student and will allow students to achieve maximum results. Our one-on-one Spanish courses can be combined with any one of the Academic or Business courses, and provide for a more tailor made program. Depending on your needs, the practical and conversational program will follow this curriculum:

  • Functional Spanish used in everyday situations
  • Vocabulary and lessons specific to particular topics and situations
  • Building confidence with both speaking and listening
  • Developing fluency and clarity of speech
  • Phonetic
  • Demanding/introduction
  • Domestic Violence
  • Labor
  • Inmigration
  • Alimony
  • Social commitment
  • Gender-racial

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Volunteer Work in Vuelta Grande


At la Union Spanish School our students work with teacher in order to learn, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. Whether your students are in Guatemala  short  period of time we will make all the efford to find the best Construction learning programs.

Course Description

La Union Spanish School had disigned a specific Spanish programs for Construction Workers, contractos, foreman and anybody who Works with spanish speaking employees and co-workers in the industry. Students will build their workplace Spanish vocabulary and conversation skills while learning with pictures, native-pronunciations, readings,  phrases, games and the volunteer work we offer.

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Spanish Classes in group

Spanish Classes in groupAt la Union Spanish School our course is specifically designed both for flight attendants, stewardesses and pilots who are currently working in an international context and also for those applicants who are looking to work with an airline that flies regularly to Spanish speaking destinations. Speaking in Spanish, even at a basic level, improves the service offered by the Airline Company to Spanish and Latin-American clients.

Our program will be focused on building the student’s confidence in vocabulary in the field of airline industry, one on one or group class programs cover many different topics that are very important and successful execution of the “Sky profession”. Our program will cover flight-announcements, emergency instructions, information about delays and changes of destination. We also cover specific vocabulary related to weather conditions, aviation, in-flight-service, catering onboard, onboard selling techniques, emergency situations, reservations and booking, check-in and boarding, safety on board regulations, take-off and landing instructions, passenger service and inquiries during the flight and general day to day airline work.

Our Curriculum:

  • Grammar exercisces
  • Bocabulary
  • Dialogues
  • Reading and writting  situations
  • weather conditions,
  • The airport
  • in-flight-service,
  • catering onboard,
  • emergency situations,
  • reservations and booking,
  • take-off and landing instructions.

 The four hours of Spanish lessons provides the participants with the tools and knowledge they will need to effectively communicate with Guatemalan and hispanic community through conversational Spanish Series to really improve fluency as you prepare and communicate the gospel and for oversees missionary work.

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Our friend and future priest Léon Yambio

The course is designed to affirm or supplement missionary training you’ve had.  Thorough formal classroom training combined with non-formal and informal experiential learning allows you to gain valuable cultural insights and ministry experience while you study. At La Union Spanish School your classes become practical to you from beginners to advance students.

We offer expedited instructions at your site.  Grammar, reading, writing and speech communication comes across; our approach is to make our students speak as fast as possible.

Language sessions are customized for each individual student and will allow students to achieve maximum results. Our one-on-one Spanish courses can be combined with your technical and practical needs.

Books and learning materials are provided by La Union Spanish School. We have developed our own exercise book.

Our curriculum:

  • Introducing your self
  • Grammar rules:  Present, Past Tense, Future, imperative, and Subjunctive, prepositions.
  • Spanish conversations:  Dialogues and situations
  • Exercises and workshops
  • Brief story about the bible
  • The creation
  • Noé
  • Abraham
  • Joseph
  • Job
  • Moisés
  • David
  • Jesús
  • Apocalipsis

Are you or your team work struggling to communicate with the Spanish-speaking patients and the community?  At La Union Spanish School we consider whether you are a beginner or just want a refresher, we have an easy and flexible way to learn with a simple course will give them the basic tools you need to bridge the communication gap.

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Dental medical mission

If your team in Guatemala is short of time and have a busy schedule we skip the normal and touristy topics and grammar structure so they don’t spend so much time sitting in front their teacher.

Starting with the basics of Spanish pronunciation, you’ll move right into simple words for everyday topics including colors, numbers, conversational phrases, family names, and words for asking questions. Next, you’ll get to the meat of the course as you discover how to ask about pain, symptoms, medical histories, insurance, and patients’ feelings. You’ll also learn how to talk about body parts, diets, and medical care and treatment. Along the way, entertaining games and stories will help you practice your new vocabulary as you gain awareness about Latin American culture.

Our Program is based on writing, reading, basic grammar structure, and speech communication.   Our approach is to make our students speak and feel confident on learning the language.

Language sessions are customized for each individual student and groups, and will allow students to achieve maximum results. Our one-on-one Spanish courses can be combined with medical and programs as well as group lessons. Depending on your needs, the practical and conversational program will follow this curriculum:

  • Simple rules of Grammar
  • Words and medical Expressions
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Interview the patient
  • Taking the medical history
  • Spanish Games and exercises


Diploma and Certificate to finish your spanish lessons!

Once your clients know about your Spanish-language skills, they will likely inform their Spanish-speaking family and friends to contact you for your legal services as well.  That is why at La Union Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala we offer specific programs for Attorneys and paralegals.  Our program is based on some Spanish words,   technical phrases, and exercises related to a daily situation are presented to help English-speaking attorneys and paralegals communicate effectively with Guatemalans and Central Americans or the Hispanic Community in their own country who have some or no English. Our program is based on:  Grammar, reading, writing and speech communication, our approach is the make our students speak and be able to deal with clients on basic issues.

Exercises, books, and learning materials are provided by La Union, they are easy to -follow tips to help the students understand colloquial spoken Spanish.  Our vocabulary concentrates on words and phrases likely to be used in law offices, courtrooms and similar settings, and which pertain to contracts, wills, real estate transactions, law suits, legal rights issues, misdemeanors, and felonies.