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System One to One

La Unión offers a diverse range of programs with a system of one teacher to one student in order to maximize what is learned by each student. We focus on intensive and individualized Spanish instruction for students that is personalized according to their needs and desires. Teachers design special programs based on the level and interests of each student; no matter your age, we have techniques and systems that can help you learn quickly.

Our typical program utilizes half of the time to learn new vocabulary and grammar, and the other half for practical application. These studies include written and oral exercises, as well as music and games to improve comprehension and pronunciation. If they desire, students can change and have more than one teacher in order to get exposed to different accents and teaching styles. They can also take an optional weekly exam which covers the material studied that week and will receive a fees discount if they score 80% or above.

Flexible Class Schedule


The morning schedule begins at 8:00am and the afternoon schedule begins at 2:00pm, although it is possible to arrange a schedule according to your personal needs. The most popular class schedule is a 4-hour class but we offer the option to study up to 8 hours for those who are seeking a more intensive experience.

Example of a 4-hour class schedule:

8:00 – 10:00                      Intensive Grammar and Vocabulary lessons

10:00 – 10:30                    Coffee time and opportunity to meet staff and students

10:30 – 12:00                    Review and practice of grammar and vocabulary

We Offer very effective Study Plans for Spanish Language Learning!

La Unión Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala offers a diverse range of programs. You can choose from among our options, or create a personalized program according to your own specifications.slide-14

Half of the time is used to learn new Spanish vocabulary and for intensive Spanish grammar.

The other half is used for activities which help to practice what you have learned during the class. Depending on your spanish level your teacher will design special programs for your needs and interests.

Our Spanish Classes

Begin on the day of the week that YOU choose, Monday through Sunday. You decide how many hours to study the Spanish language; options range from 2 to 7 hours daily.  Each student remains with his or her own Spanish teacher for one week and then has the option of rotating to another teacher.

This change provides the student with an exposure to different accents and manners of speaking Spanish.  However, if you prefer to keep your original Spanish teacher, you may continue studying with that teacher.

If you study for more than 4 hours per day at La Union Spanish School, you have the option of having a different teacher in the morning and afternoon.

Do you Need a special vocabulary?

At La Union Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala one of our specialties is developing new Spanish vocabulary according to your needs.

During every spanish lesson the teacher notes any errors you make and at the end of each class, the teacher reviews these errors with you until you have no more concerns. If you wish, you can take an optional weekly exam which covers all the errors made and all of the grammar studied that week.

This is done to measure your Spanish progress. La Unión Spanish School stimulates our students by giving incentives for good test scores. This is done in the following format:

100% correct = 10% discount
90 % correct  =    5% discount
80% correct   =    3% discount

These discounts apply only to Spanish lessons for the last week's payment..


Activities during Classes

Participatory Spanish activities include word games, group conversation, and group or partner games of "Teacher and Student vs. Teacher and Student" or "Teacher vs. Student." Other options include:

  • Oral and written exercises.
  • Group conversation and discussion to listen to other voices, pronunciation, and to practice Speaking Spanish.
  • Spanish-language music to help the student improve comprehension and pronunciation skills.
  • As an optional activity the students prepare a topic (political, social, religious or cultural) with the help of their teachers and then present it in Spanish to other students and teachers.
  • Talks about the history, culture and traditions in Antigua Guatemala.

Spanish Classes - La Unión Spanish School


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