Guatemalan Host Families

For students wishing to quickly enhance their Spanish and learn more about Guatemalan culture, we recommend lodging with a Guatemalan family. The students receive 7 nights of lodging in a private room, including 3 meals daily Monday through Saturday (vegetarian and vegan meals can be arranged), with a hot shower and purified water.

“Locations of host families”

La Unión Spanish School offers many opportunities to live and share with Guatemalan families in Antigua, or the surrounding villages. In Antigua, Guatemala, the homes of our host families are situated in the center of town close to the location of school. Antigua is a historic city with many amenities geared for the traveler that won’t disappoint.

If you seeking a more authentic experience, you can choose to stay in the villages outside of Antigua (Ciudad Vieja, San Miguel Escobar, San Antonio Aguas Calientes and others). In these towns, Spanish is the dominant language and tourists are not commonly seen. To travel to these villages it is necessary to take a “camioneta” (public bus) which leaves approximately every 10 minutes.

If you would like to know more about the Guatemalan culture and learn Spanish more effectively, we recommend that you consider one of our lodging options. Through La Union Spanish School you can live with a Guatemalan host family in Antigua or in a surrounding town, or in our student guesthouse near the school in Antigua. If you use our transportation service we can take you directly from the airport to your Guatemalan host family at any time via safe, private transportation. The airport La Aurora is situated in Guatemala City, only 45 kilometers from the city of Antigua.

“Prices Guatemalan Families”

1 night $25.00 with meals
1 week $135.00 with meals

1 nith $25.00 without meals
1 week $115.00 without meals


Guest House:

1 night $35.00 with meals
1 week $160.00 with meals

1 night $25.00 without meals
1 week $145.00 without meals


Lodging: Wondering where you going to stay? La Union will help you find accommodation that is comfortable and that are suited for your needs.  Please have a look at the many options we can offer you: Lodging La Unión

The benefits of living with a Guatemalan family:

Basic services such as:

  • Hot water
  • WIFI
  • Private bathroom or shared
  • Share with family members in their daily activities, have a new experience with a Guatemalan family, enjoy the customs and traditions of Guatemala.
  • We have different options for families.
  • Families with pets
  • Families with children
  • Our families is in Antigua Guatemala, Ciudad Vieja Sac. San Miguel Escobar.


Payments form: We accept payments in US dollars, quetzales, credit card (6% more)  and through bank transfer. All payments for lessons, homestays and transportation should be completed at "La Union" on the day of your arrival, or your first day of lessons.


The benefits of living in our guesthouse:

Basic services such as:

  • Hot water
  • WIFI
  • Private bathroom
  • Is the possible use jarden
  • Is possible use the terrace

Our guesthouse has 6 rooms, all includes private bathrooms. We have a person in charge in the morning, she has years of experience and can easily adapt any diet. We also have in the night a person, he is always aware of guests and can help you if have a emergency.

Our guesthouse is located on 7a Calle Oriente No. 15B, Antigua Guatemala

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