Spanish Textbooks

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Spanish Textbooks available for Purchase at La Union Spanish School: Our textbook, “Español en Latinoamérica“is a recommended purchase.This textbook is used by our teachers to teach Spanish and to give homework. It is not mandatory but a good idea to provide continuity at home with what you are learning in class. Our second book, “Qué Onda Vos?/

Travel and Learning

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Live a different way to learn Spanish and know Guatemala. With this option you can travel to popular Guatemalan locations and learn the best language (Spanish!). During the trip you will have the opportunity to meet the most beautiful lake in the world (Lake Atitlan), visit the old ruins of a Mayan city (Tikal), visit

Spanish Lessons

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La Unión offers a diverse range of programs with a system of one teacher to one student in order to maximize what is learned by each student. We focus on intensive and individualized Spanish instruction for students that is personalized according to their needs and desires. Teachers design special programs based on the level and

La Union Spanish School is a group of experienced Guatemalan Spanish teachers in Antigua Guatemala who earned our stripes in Santa Lucia Milpas Altas preparing Peace Corps Volunteers in the Spanish language for fieldwork in a Spanish speaking country such as Guatemala. Is a full-service Spanish learning center in Antigua Guatemala We offer lodging, cultural,